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Written By: Mamady Doumbouya         N’Ko Edit By: Dr. Baba Mamadi Diane 

 Ko for English speakersThe first purpose of this book is to give the English speaking Mandens the opportunity to learn, read and write their own language, and consequently give them greater understanding of their culture. Due to the fact that the N’Ko alphabet was invented, and developed mostly in countries whose official languages are French, the English speaking Mandens have generally been left out of this important discovery. I hope that this small book will at least partially remediate this oversight.

The second is to give other English speakers, N’Ko students and teachers around the world, the opportunity to explore and learn N’Ko, in order to gain greater understanding of both, Manden speakers, and their culture. Historically, college and universities campuses around the world offer Manden studies. The study of the N’Ko writing system, however, is just beginning. This book is an illustrated approach to the N’Ko alphabet that would provide an important tools for educators in Africa, as well as other parts of the world.

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